Quaestor Coin Q

Quaestor Solution’s main focus is to encourage the widespread use of cryptocurrencies. For the fulfilment of the purpose Quaestor coin was released in December. We, at Quaestor, believe cryptocurrency is the future and are working to bring you the future today. There are certain challenges that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies face when implementing. One of them is the lack of technical logic to deploy the masternodes. Quaestor Solutions has solved the problem by introducing the Clickit system and is working on solving many other problems.

Our team of developers has created our own proprietary blockchain using the X11 protocol, which is 8x faster than the current state of Bitcoin (BTC) and the same that DASH uses. The Coin is launched at different exchanges and is up and being exchanged successfully. A wallet for QST has also been created which a user will install on their device to set up their masternodes within the wallet. Our masternode coin features a 10 year trajectory plan for payout rewards i-e 5,315 QST daily for 10 years.

Quaestor is building its own marketplace. The products are acquired in exchange of Quaestor Coins. Quaestor is working to pursue as many online and offline retailers as it can, to help in the enabling of cryptocurrency payments.

If you are connected with any retailers, shopping portals, communities or networks that would be interested in accepting the Quaestor Coin, we are excited to speak with you. Please let us know at