Welcome to Quaestor Newsletter # 6

A very special day, a very special moment in the history of Quaestor with a lot of announcements today.
1) Quaestor wallet for Windows and Mac

The Quaestor wallet had some small issues in the
start but is now with the update to 1.0.4, it is very
stable and functional.
The wallet for Mac is estimated to launch on Sunday,
December 16th. It can however be delayed for couple of days.
Please check for updates here:

2) Exchange listing completed

We have been accepted and listed on Coinexchange.io, but unfortunately it turns out they are not to be trusted. We have had to close ALL sales and purchases at this exchange with immediate effect. We will explain at the training Sunday evening, how we resolve, and move on from there. Join here:

3) Compensation plan completed
4) Coin Rain

The Quaestor Coin rain continues until 31.12.2018 The Rules in effect from 16.12.2018: If you introduce an active Affiliate who bought a product of up to €300, you receive a free gift of 20 QST in the bank. For every 3 active Affiliate you introduce, Quaestor will set up 3% in a shared Master node. If you introduce 6 or more, you get double amount of your sold packages free coins. If the person you introduce becomes an active Affiliate with a product purchase of up to €500, he receives a free gift of 40 coins in the bank.


If you introduce an active Affiliate who has bought a product of €500 or more, you will receive 40 QST in the bank. For every 3 active Affiliates at that level you introduce, Quaestor will set up 6% in a shared Masternode. If the person you introduce becomes an active Affiliate with a product purchase from € 500, he will receive free gift of 80 coins in the bank.

If you introduce an active Affiliate right at the end of the year, as example 30.12.2018, they will have 7 days to introduce new affiliate members. IMPORTANT FOR ALL: You must claim your Coin Rain free coins between January 7th and January 14th. All emails sent before and after, will be excluded from the Coin Rain free gift. Pass this information on to your team, there will be NO exceptions.

KYC rules to back office upload:
Picture of passport


Picture of you holding your passport and text saying:


Utility bill, where your name and your address is clear to see.

If you cannot provide a bill in your name, i.e. if your landlord pays all bills, you can request a certificate of residence from a local authority.

5) New packages
6) Exchange Bonus Pool 1

The Exchange Bonus Pool 1 got some small changes. To qualify for the EBP1 you have unlimited time. The qualifications is, that you introduce 20 Active Affiliates, where at least 6 of them have introduced 3 Active Affiliates, and the team becomes 100 Active Affiliates introduced by you and your team.

The Bonus is 10% of the total broker fee from the A-Exchange

7) Exchange Bonus Pool 2

The EBP2 will be effective from the Exchange B-listings. It will start now with, with 10% of the sold product packages.

Qualification for EBP2 is:

All who introduced 1 active Affiliate, receive 1 share from total amount, and LMB in Level 1 Qualification: Introduce 1 Active Affiliate

The explanation:

All members’ counters for this Bonus is on 0 ( Zero ), so NOBODY is qualified for the Bonus. If an existing Affiliate want to be part in the EBP, he needs to introduce minimum 1 active affiliate.

If he/she does that, then he/she is qualified to get 1 share out of that EBP. At the same time he/she is qualified for Level Matching Bonus in level 1 of the EBP2 ( NOT normal LMP ), as it is an extra Level Matching Bonus on the EBP2.

If this person introduce the second AA, he/she is qualified for LMB in Level 2.
If this person introduce the second AA, he/she is qualified for LMB in Level 3.
If this person introduce the second AA, he/she is qualified for LMB in Level 4.
If this person introduce the second AA, he/she is qualified for LMB in Level 5.

8) This weeks “who is”: the turn has come to Mr. “Boss”
CEO, Svend Rasmussen, Denmark

Let me introduce myself with simple words: direct, uncomplicated, workaholic, funny and a clever businessman.

Nothing is too much, and nothing can bring my will away from setting Quaestor highest in my life. A yearlong dream of putting my footsteps well and vigorously in to the history books. That happens today. I am proud, very proud, of the finished delivery of the work. 5,400 hours just from me. Estimated a complete task of over 60,000 hours has resulted in, what you can work with from today. We are not finished, this is just the start of the journey. Thank you to the whole team behind the scene, without your hard-working moral, we would not be here. Thank you to the leaders for giving me your trust. Thank you to my friend and ping-pong partner GFMD Keld Mathiesen. Many, many hours of talking and thinking are behind this concept, and without that, it would not have the strength it has today. Thank you to our CTOs who resist everything and throw themselves into a crazy work race. The only ones who can follow or even beat my workload

Thank you to the entire network for trusting in our dream and vision.

I am honored.

9) Your free coins

If you are one of the lucky owners of free Company controlled Quaestor coins for Masternode setups, and want us to set them up for you as shared Masternode, please follow the steps below:

1) Download wallet
2) Create a receiving address, and paste it in to your profile settings in the Backoffice
3) Create your KYC, if that is not already done
4) Send an email to mj@quaestor-solutions.com with the following data:
a) Your Username
b) Your KYC name
c) Your 8 digit user ID

As soon as MJ ( Michael J. ) has confirmed your data, he will set you up in the payout list, and you will receive the produced Masternode coins from the blockchain in to your wallet. Video tutorial on how to install the wallet is on the training page.

10) Clickit

We have improved the "clickit" system and it should now be 100% stable and ready to get your Masternode`s up without any big disturbances. Soon we will see the Quaestor coin on “clickit” as well. In end of January we will start survey, to let you decide 3-4 best coins, then we will look into it and implement those popular coins in our “clickit” system.

11) The Trading Bot

The Trading Bot is soon ready for testing. We will be back to you all in the middle of January with more information.

12) The bad stuff


Unfortunately, we have discovered that some members introduced 'fake' accounts in order to earn QST coins with our COIN promotions. According to the laws of many countries, this is an illegal network marketing activity, and thus we must clean this up in order to remain compliant.

Therefore, we must follow this procedure:

1. If you became qualified for free coins via COIN RAIN, you and the new Active Affiliates you sponsor must complete their KYC within 7 days, starting from today.

2. If you are an Active Affiliates who got free coins through former COIN RAIN campaigns, you and your introduced Active Affiliates must deliver full KYC by January 15, 2019.

Please understand this very clearly - if you buy 'fake' positions in Quaestor, you violate our rules and regulations and we will exclude you from the business without warning.

Let me further explain with another example. An Active Affiliate introduced 6 new Active Affiliates, where none of the new affiliates has become KYC verified or active. Then we receive an email for COIN RAIN achievement from the sponsor, the names of the 6 people, and the sponsor's QST receiving address. So, we tested and contacted the 6 people, and one of them answered: "yes, we heard about you, but only said yes so my sponsor could collect some “coins".

If we find that your friends and contacts are "helping" you achieve the COIN RAIN promotion without becoming active in Quaestor, then we will contact their sponsor and exclude you via Official Letter from Corporate, and you will miss out. In addition, we will report you to the police for fraud. If we do not do this, Quaestor could be charged as co-defendants in fraud, and of course, we will not allow that to happen.

Above all else, we must protect Quaestor for everyone to prosper for the long term.

It is appreciated.

Follow the rules and build properly.

13) Timeframe

Done – implemented Level Matching Bonus
Done – implementing Personal Matching Bonus
December 16th. – implementing World Pool and Founder Pool
December 16th. – 100% up and running with all MLM and coin
December 16th. – Expected launch on Coinexchange.io if we get accepted
December 16th. – Expected launch of Mac wallet for test
Done – Expected launch on Coinexchange.io
January 31th – Expected launch of Trading Bot

14) Thoughts

I believe we have done something very special here, very unique and a long-term building of an little empire raising.

When we started the journey, with 3 people 1 year ago, and now working more then 50 people on the project, we can call that a good growth. With about 4000 customers, and an expected growth of 20-25% a month we can see forward to something very big and stable in the future.

I again, just want to thank you for your trust, you’re believe, and your passion in Quaestor. Let the final kickoff start.

Svend Rasmussen
Quaestor Solutions