Welcome to Quaestor Newsletter # 5

1) Quaestor Wallet is Ready

Quaestor Solution is proud to announce, that the Quaestor wallet is live, and you can download the windows version on the homepage.

With a little delay, but with added security for our users, you now have a Quaestor wallet with added security built-in, so you have better control and security with your valuable assets.

Secure your SEED and PASSWORD on a paper. If you lose these two, you will not be able to access your assets. The built in 2FA security through the password section is an additional security for you. Also, if your wallet.dat file get hacked and stolen, the wallet can NOT be accessed without the password. That does also mean, that if you lose your password, you will NOT be able to access your wallet.

Please write both your Seed and your password on a paper and store it well.

2) Your free coins

If you are one of the lucky owners of free Company controlled Quaestor coins for Masternode setups, and want us to set them up for you as shared Masternode, please follow the steps below:

1) Download wallet
2) Create a receiving address, and paste it in to your profile settings in the Backoffice.
3) Create your KYC, if that is not already done.
4) Send an email to mj@quaestor-solutions.com with the following data:
a) Your Username
b) Your KYC name
c) Your 8 digit user ID

As soon as MJ ( Michael J. ) has confirmed your data, he will set you up in the payout list, and you will from there receive the produced Masternode coins from the blockchain in to your wallet. Video, how to install the wallet is on the training page.

3) The procedure

As you know, we are developing new software.

The Quaestor wallet we are launching is also a new developed wallet, where we soon will have the “shared” Masternode option.

As long as we wait for that, we run the Masternode payout manually. The procedure for that is:

1) When you have been verified, your payout starts.
2) We pay weekly up front for 7 days FOR ALL.
3) Tuesday December 4th. 2018 we start to send out.

Please remember, there are many people to handle and to get in place, so if you not get the first day, you may get the second day. We start with the highest amounts and work through the list. If you have delivered all your data by latest December 3th. 2018 you will be on first week’s payout list. The moment you deliver your data after that, you will be placed in the payout list, and get paid from there.

4) Mac Users

The download for Mac OS will be ready in about 10 days. And Mac user will not have any loss of their amounts, as we will pay all your coins from that day, we have your data, from day 1.

5) Timeframe

As it always happens in business building, there are positive and negative things. And especially in MLM, the company becomes entitled to not comply with deadlines.

Also, we must prove that we are on some points behind which, of course, we are somewhat annoyed. On other things we are ahead. However, by creating a new timeline, we will try to comply with everyone's expectations.

November 28th. – implemented Level Matching Bonus
December 7th. – implementing Personal Matching Bonus
December 7th. – implementing World Pool and Founder Pool
December 7th. – 100% up and running with all MLM and coin
December 7th. – Expected launch on Coinexchange.io if we get accepted

6) Thoughts

We are growing daily, and It is a great pleasure to have all of you and help make Quaestor a world-wide success. We have rounded 100 countries and will increase our growth with all new implementations.

We will still have minor errors, and we will fix them as soon as possible until we have stabilized our entire system, and then we lock it to blockchain systems, as we have already done with the Matrix.

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence ( Colin Powell )

Remember, you can still participate in EBP, whose first qualification expires December 31th. 2018

If you have not heard of it, come to one of the Info webinar or training webinar, where this fantastic pool is explained.

Best regards

Svend Rasmussen
CEO Quaestor Solutions