Welcome to Quaestor Newsletter # 3

Seems like our coders don’t rest!

1. Clickit for LPC & TRTT

Clickit is active for LPC (Light Pay Coin) but little more patience is all we need for TRTT (Trittium) Clickit. Our developers are already all the way through with Trittium but due to some lagging from Trittium Blockchain, there is a little wait in Clickit for TRTT. We will release TRTT as soon as the Blockchain and Explorer is stable again.


2. New interface for our admins

Completely new interface for our admin panels, offering easy filtrations for the members and enhanced searches. That results in positive re-establishing of KYC. Please be aware, that we cannot see old tickets. If you had made an KYC or payment request, please send us a notification on

3. First offline event by our Gladiators in St. Louis, USA


We made HISTORY this past week in the USA, Quaestor Family!
Thank you to extraordinary builder Derrick Taylor (Leader, St. Louis), Jeb Tyler (Founder Pool Achiever + Quaestor Speaker), and Steve Baran (Founder Pool Achiever + Quaestor Speaker) for organizing our first ever USA Quaestor Event! Also shout-out to our Co-North American Master Distributors Kameron and Alex Ruiz for making the trip from Dallas to St. Louis - it is super appreciated!!
Dozens of team members and prospects attended this event which included an Opportunity Webinar and then a Special Quaestor Training right afterwards.

From Kameron Ruiz:

"We had an amazing meeting in St. Louis. The FIRST meeting of many. Derrick Taylor and his team were incredible. It was great getting to know so many great people in the quaestor family. There were 3 sign ups before the meeting was even over."

Derrick, Jeb, and Steve instill an effective team building strategy for their members! We call them the GLADIATOR TEAM, because each member is inspired to signup 3 Active Affiliates into Quaestor within 14 days of joining the company, thus unlocking Level Matching Bonus and Matrix earnings and achieving the rank of Gladiator!! Very cool idea that has helped Derrick to 'almost' achieve our exclusive Founders Bonus Pool.

Next training can be in your CITY!

Our Quaestor LIVE Events will help us to catapult our company to the next level. We look forward to coming to your city and helping to host these events. If you can arrange for 100 or more prospects, let us know and we'll help you expand your team! Just imagine, one day we will be hosting Quaestor Events all over the world with thousands of members and guests, and we will look back and remember St. Louis as being the first USA Event ever!


A little about Alex & Kameron!

Alex Ruiz | Blockchain Advisor

Alex has participated in many cryptocurrency specialties and projects over the past few years, ranging from trading, advising, raising funds, and building devoted communities. He developed over $17 million in sales for a stable coin project and is the North American Master Distributor for the global master node setup company Quaestor Solutions.

Kameron Ruiz | Blockchain Advisor

Kameron has spent the past four years developing her network and expertise in crypto currency. She has taught students, traded, developed master nodes, implemented mining farms, and advised on blockchain and coin development.

Currently, she serves as Co-North American Master Distributor for the global crypto currency and master node setup company Quaestor Solutions. Quaestor is first-to-market to help the mainstream crypto world setup master nodes easily.

4. Daily trainings and a lot more going on

At Quaestor, helping out the customers is a priority of even our management. We are working most hours every day to give Quaestor audience the best possible experience with us. Our calendars are literally full with all the trainings sessions that we regularly conduct for our customers. Our most knowledgeable founders and associates provide these trainings so understanding and earning from Quaestor can be easiest possible.

Here is the link of our communication center:

5. Who Wants 30 Quaestor Coins?

This is still running!!!

A lot of folks out there don’t have enough Quaestor coins to be a part of Master Node. Don’t worry though, you can earn coins, all you have to do is introduce 3 active Affiliates, who also introduce each 3 active Affiliates, and you will get 30 Quaestor coins. You have the whole month of October to introduce affiliates. The competition ends October 31. 2018.

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET: if you want to be a part of the Founder Bonus Pool, you will need to qualify by the end of this month, then it will be locked forever. Recognitions on qualified members will be mentioned in the first newsletter right after the expiry date.

6. Get to know us, every week!

We are introducing Charles Andrade this week, read about him below.

With a background in advising for multiple blockchain projects, eMarketing and international finance for the past 20 years, Charles' entrepreneurial spirit is extremely bright. Paying attention to the innovation that is occurring dramatically in the crypto currency space, he recognized that CEO Svend and FGMD Keld's creation within the Quaestor project scope is venturing into unchartered territory, as they are pushing the envelope of what's possible for Masternode coins.

The timing of Quaestor and its first-to-market Masternote 'Click It' setup service is extraordinary. There will be a tremendous upswing both in the use of Masternodes and in crypto's global market cap over the coming months and years. You are ahead of this giant growth phase, you have first mover's advantage over a global marketplace that will flood into crypto over time. Globally, there are just over 460 Masternode crypto currencies. The vast majority of these coins are not credible, with perhaps only two dozen projects being coins worthy of our 'Click It' setup service. This means that Quaestor will, by itself with the help of our powerful community, bring massive credibility to an entire segment of Blockchain and crypto projects, the Masternode technical functionality framework for crypto. Credibility is defined by cultivating Quaestor Coin and our new Masternode projects created by our QST mothership Blockchain engine with highly transparent, ethical coin owners with ideas that solve a major pain-point in the world using the advantages of crypto.


Then, add to this vision with the launch of our Quaestor Exchange and building our useful Marketplace where you can spend our Quaestor Coin like money to purchase the goods and services you love both online and in the real world.
The future is very bright for all those that believe in us this early in our journey and setup their POLIS, XAP, LPC Masternodes.

7. Quaestor Wallet & Explorer

Soon, very soon we will have the pleasure to give you the download link for our own Quaestor coin. We have some challenges with the bond of the shared Master nodes for 12 months, so we are a little behind timeframe.

We expect, that we can provide you with the download link on November 10. 2018, and then you shall setup your wallet, and place your receiving address in the back office, and your Quaestor coin space in profile settings.

At the same time our explorer will be ready as well, so transactions can be followed. Please ensure, that you within 5 days from delivery of the Quaestor wallet, place our receiving address in your Backoffice. As we will immediately start setting up Master nodes.


That means, that the shared master node setup will be delivered a little later, and we will manually payout from the first 300 Master nodes what we set up from the company site. We will make payouts from these Master node setups on daily and weekly basis, depending on, how big a share you get from a Master node. More about that on training on Sunday, October 28, at 9.00 PM See the link for the meeting in communication.