Welcome to Quaestor Newsletter#2

Quaestor “clickit” Running Like a Machine

Let us start informing you about the Quaestor “clickit” system, which is running very well, and without complications from the company side.

We are working on video`s for every coin, that will be listed in the “clickit” system.


These video`s will show you:

How to download the wallet.
How to join and buy the coins on the exchange.
How to transfer the coins from the exchange to the wallet.
How and what to do in our wallet, before using “clickit” deployment.

LPC and TRTT are estimated to be ready on “clickit” on Friday, October 12, 2018.

(One of these are possibly already functional as you are reading this)

Quaestor Communication Center Now Open

The first step of our Communication Center will open today, and you will be able to log in to your back office, and find all relevant links you need, to run your business.

Over the next 2 months, there will be further additions to the Communication Center where Webinar Hosts will get their own login to a calendar and be able to place all upcoming Webinars, Offline Meetings and Events.


Coffee with the Leaders by Mark Pooser

Join our North American Ambassador, Mark Pooser every Wednesday 10:00 AM. CST. He will be interviewing top Quaestor Leaders from the field directly to your screen, every week. Want to grow your business? These top leaders will show you how they do it on a daily basis.


Hosted by a seven-figure top shelf leader with decades of experience in the arena of Network Marketing and the in Crypto space. Join us on our Quaestor journey as we take this company to the top of the industry by leaders who know how to get the job done.

Join Coffee With The Leaders https://zoom.us/j/655110706 Or find the link for the webinar in your back office in the section “Communication”. You can now see all webinars.


Have your coffee ready!


AMNESTY Is Still Continuing!

Do not miss out on your chance to still qualify for Level Matching Bonus. In your back office in the section “My Affiliates” you can see your personal sponsored Affiliates. You can see if they are active Affiliates, and how many they have sponsored.

The Amnesty ends for all current members on Monday, October 15. 2018 at 23.59 CET


7-Day Escrow Now Active

On Friday October 5. 2018 we started the 7-day Escrow in the calculations, and it is running fine. If you got Matrix or FSB Bonus on that day, then on the following Friday, October 12. 2018, you will be able to see, where the BTC was earned, and then it be transferred over to “Payouts “available.

Bigger and Better Overview Of Your Affiliates

We extended the “My Affiliate” section to also include members who click on the Affiliate bottom in the sign-up process and confirmed their emails. These people are now visible in the list, so you may contact them, and ask them, if they had difficulties coming thru the last process of payment.


This last week has been very turbulent, as we opened clickit, and many people still are in learning process. We will allocate some people to continue doing the “Wallet Repair” Webinars, where you can meet up, and we help with fixing your MN. I wish you all a fantastic week, join as many of the webinars, and the trainings, so you get a good foundation of information about our products. You can find all Groups, Webinars and Trainings in the Communication section in the back office. Just click your name in the right upper corner.

Best regards
Svend Rasmussen
Quaestor Solutions