The mission of Quaestor Solutions is to encourage and enable the wide-spread use of cryptocurrencies. These currencies are not fiat-based therefore empowering individuals to conduct trade without unnecessary government oversight.

Quaestor Solutions strives to improve the lifestyle of every associate. To this end, our program facilitates and encourages the use of cryptocurrencies in every-day life. We introduce the Quaestor Coin which is available to associates and MasterNode owners, as well for you who believe in our concept.

To help as many people as possible, we have introduced a great concept, where everybody can be invited to the complete setup, for a small fee, and participate in webinars and seminars weekly to help even the most novice beginner to understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and methods to employ its use in our everyday lives. Here you also will learn how to analyze MasterNodes and Trading-Bot features.

MasterNodes are the backbones of cryptocurrencies. They are computers (servers) that form a network. MasterNodes are utilized to complete unique functions in ways ordinary nodes (miners) can’t. They can be used for features like direct send, instant transactions or private transactions. They maintain the currency’s blockchain.

Owning a MasterNode can be cost prohibitive. Buying servers, internet services, and the electricity that powers them can be costly. But if you rent space on an available server, you lower your costs substantially. However, you still need to run programs and understand Linux, a computer operating system, which is foreign to most home computer users. Fortunately, for the service they provide, MasterNode owners are rewarded handsomely.

Quaestor Solutions has developed a system that makes MasterNode ownership affordable and convenient. You don’t need to find hosting, understand Linux or pay for utilities. The Quaestor “Click It” System was born.

For the adventure-seeker, the customer who wants a little more daily action, we have introduced is the Quaestor Trading-Bot which allows the user complete control of earning potential in trading cryptocurrencies. While we never offer financial advice, we teach you every nuance of the Trading-Bot, so you may set your goals, establish reasonable risk levels and initiate trades. Quaestor Solutions never touches your investment capital – You have complete control of your resources at all times.

These are the initial products and services we offer. There is much more to come as outlined in the Coin Roadmap

Now any person who owns a home computer can own and profit from crypto currency with Quaestor!