During the Roman Empire era, Quaestors were elected officials who supervised the treasury and financial accounts of the state, its armies and its officers.
The Quaestors were tasked with financial supervision. To understand:

We provide services for you and never touch your money or accounts. Your financial decisions are yours alone.


The mission of Quaestor Solutions is to encourage and enable the wide-spread use of cryptocurrencies. These currencies are not fiat-based therefore empowering individuals to conduct trade without unnecessary government oversight.

Quaestor Solutions strives to improve the lifestyle of every associate. To this end, our program facilitates and encourages the use of cryptocurrencies in every-day life. We introduce the Quaestor Coin which is available to associates and MasterNode owners, as well for you who believe in our concept.

To help as many people as possible, we have introduced a great concept, where everybody can be invited to the complete setup, for a small fee, and participate in webinars and seminars weekly to help even the most novice beginner to understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and methods to employ its use in our everyday lives. Here you also will learn how to analyze MasterNodes and Trading-Bot features.


Road Map


3rd Quarter 2018

a) Start of Network
pre-launch 01.08.2018 on
the homepage included
signup, 2FA, Matrix

b) Ongoing Integration of
Bounses and payout to the

4th Quarter 2018

a) End of Founder Pool Qualification 31.10.2018

b) Quaestor MLM and MN
Coin start (Estimated 1.11.2018)

c) Listing of Quaestor coin
On the first Exchange
(Estimated 1.11.2018)

d) Master node integration

e) Integration of Trading
Bot 2.0


1st Quarter 2019

a) New listing on
exchange (aim for 2)

b) Product integration
(aim for 2-4 products) to
increase usability

2nd Quarter 2019

a) New listing on
exchange (aim for 2)

b) Listing on CMC

c) Product integration
(aim for 2-4 products) To
increase usability

3rd Quarter 2019

a) Beta test Quaestor

b) New listing on exchange (aim for 2)

c) Product integration
(aim for 2-4 products) To
increase usability

4th Quarter 2019

a) Opening of Quaestor Exchange

b) Listing on Quaestor Exchange


1st Quarter 2020

a) Integration of whole
network into our new
blockchain technology

b) Secure the network
forever on integrated
smart contracts (Position,

c) Increases the demand
on the coin (pay in only
possible with Quaestor

d) Opens up for more
MLM companies on the
block chain This will make
these financial transactions
transparent and all coin
holders will benefit


M Rehman

Software Engineer

Awais Akram

Software Engineer

Fazeel Ahmad

Software Engineer

Kam and Alex

North American Master Distributors

Mark Pooser


Charles Andrade

World leader and Blockchain Adviser

Keld Mathiesen

Founding Master Distributor

Shahbaz Nadir

Full Stack Designer

Frank Kotch

Senior Technical Support