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We know you’re got questions. Hopefully this will help. For additional information ask the person who referred you or send your questions to our support staff.


What is Quaestor Solutions?

Quaestor Solutions, LLC is a corporation formed and registered in the Republic of Malta. We chose Malta because of their business-friendly culture and historic welcoming of cryptocurrency companies.


Who are Quaestor Solutions principles?

Founder and CEO Svend Rasmussen is a Danish entrepreneur. His concept of melding a cryptocurrency with allied products brings you this first-of-a-kind opportunity.


Is it legal to become involved in this company?

Every known jurisdiction allows entrepreneurs to establish business relations internationally. Our products are not edible, do not need to be imported across borders, and can be used from the convenience of your home via your computer. Further, we provide services to customers and representatives which are available only here.


What are the Quaestor Solutions products?

The Quaestor coin
Click-It masternode deployment tool
The Quaestor Trading Robot
Like other companies that remain in business throughout the years, Quaestor Solutions will continuously bring new products to market. At this time, plans are already moving forward with:
The Quaestor Exchange – a cryptocurrency marketplace for the public.
A second-generation Trading Robot.
The Quaestor coin foundation – our unique blockchain and behind the scenes operating system will be marketed.
Other blockchain based products. Blockchain technology is the key to safeguarding data in the future.


What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Blockchains which are readable by the public are widely used by cryptocurrencies. Private blockchains have been proposed for business use.
Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data. It is “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way”
Blockchain are considered secure by design and exemplify a distributed computing system with high fault tolerance. Decentralized consensus has therefore been claimed with a blockchain.


What is a MasterNode?

The blocks and blockchains are distributed and safeguarded by MasterNodes. These computer servers verify the transactions and associated data. MasterNodes ensure the blockchain remains unaltered. Every MasterNode is in contact with every other MasterNode on the same blockchain. If an error, either electronic or intentional is discovered, the MasterNodes resolve the error and transmit only the verifiable, error-free blockchain.
Because MasterNodes play such an important part in the process, the blockchain originator rewards MasterNode owners for their efforts. These rewards can be significant.


How much money can I make by owning a Master…?

First, we cannot predict the future. Second, and most importantly, most countries do not allow us to represent the future. There are just too many variables.


What do I need to start a MasterNode?

You need several months of Linux coding experience, computer programs that run on Linux servers, a Virtual Private Server and collateral. Did we lose you yet?
This is the fundamental reason Quaestor Solutions is providing you our MasterNode Click-It service. We have the Linux coding experience. We have the MasterNode programs, we have the Virtual Private Servers. You provide the collateral.
The price for this service is a scalable fee schedule ranging from €100 to €1,000 per month. For 1 Masternode, €100 per month;
For up to 3 Masternodes, €270 per month;
For up to 6 Masternodes, €480 per month;
For up to 10 Masternodes, €700 per month;
For up to 11 or more Masternodes, €1,000 per month.


So, what is collateral?

Every MasterNode requires you to have a personal stake in the currency itself. It serves as your commitment to run the MasterNode. But the collateral never leaves your hands (or wallet)! As long as the collateral remains in your wallet, your MasterNode will run. If you remove the collateral, the MasterNode stops operating.


Your next question should be how much collateral…

We would like to refer you to a website who specializes in this information. The website is https://masternodes.online.
You can use this site to research a MasterNode that meets your criteria. Be careful when making your selection. All the columns are important, so here is what the data means:
• Price – Last traded price of coin with ~3 minutes (or block time) delay.
• Change – Coin Price Change from exactly 24 hours ago.
• Volume – Value of all the coin traded in the last 24 hours.
• Market cap – The value of the entire coin supply based upon the last traded price.
• ROI% – Annual Return on Investment of MasterNode of this coin.
• Nodes – Lists the number of active MasterNodes on specified coin network. Generally, the more MasterNodes in a currency, the lower the rewards.
• # required – Also called collateral. The amount of coins required for a MasterNode. Always buy 1 more for transaction fees from exchange and internal transaction to the MasterNode.
• MN Worth – The current value of masternode based upon last traded price. It is Price x # required.
You should be able to see that a MasterNode in Dash will set you back about $250,000 and you would likely recoup your investment by about 5% per year – not great.
But a MasterNode in Olympic Coin would cost you about $175 and you would more than double your investment every year.
Note: *Dash and Olympic are used as examples only on the date 07.15.2018. This is not a recommendation.


What is a Trading Robot?

A Trading Robot is a computer program (API) that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies based on rules. These rules can be individually set by you. There are default settings, but you are in complete control of your Trading Robot.
The capital you invest is always in your account. Quaestor provides the Trading Robot as a service. We do not control your money. If you don’t want to own a MasterNode, perhaps you would like to trade cryptocurrencies.


Do I need a Trading Robot?

Thank you for asking. You can trade cryptocurrencies whenever you like without a Trading Robot, but what happens when you go offline or go to sleep? The Trading Robot will continue to trade. The Asian markets historically trade in the wee early hours (based on server time). You could miss a fantastic market move because you need to sleep. This is the value of the Trading Robot – 24/7/365 access to the markets.


What is a Quaestor coin?

We saved the best for last. The Quaestor coin is a new cryptocurrency that will go live in September of 2018. The entire all-time supply of Quaestor coins will be 20,000,000 units. The initial start value of each coin is set at US$ 3.00.


How can I buy Quaestor coins?

Go to an exchange and purchase them or another person willing to sell them to you.


So, the price is just a supply and demand thing?

Well, yes and no.
Quaestor Solutions is releasing 5,315 Quaestor coins every day for 10 years. MasterNodes will be rewarded at a rate equal to 5,315 divided by the number of MasterNodes in service. If there are only 100 MasterNodes working that day, each MasterNode will receive a reward of 53.15 Quaestor coins daily. If the coin retains its beginning value of US$ 3.00, each MasterNode will be rewarded the equivalent of about US$ 159 daily, every day for 10 years!


But the number of MasterNodes will increase daily?

Yes, your daily reward will lower over time, but as more and more MasterNodes come online, the value of each coin goes up. We know this because it takes 2,000 Quaestor coins to own a Quaestor Masternode.


Last question. So, I have to “invest” at least US$ 6,000   to own a Quaestor MasterNode?

Absolutely. But very few of us have this much cash laying around the house. So, you can purchase a piece of a Quaestor MasterNode by pooling your resources with others. The shares are available in whole percentages only. So, 100 people can own 1% of a MasterNode or 3 people can own 40%, 30% and 30%.
Regardless, the rewards of the MasterNodes are distributed among all owners daily.