Clickit C

Masternodes at one click

Masternode is the best thing you can do to earn passive income with very little investment, and it pays you for so many years to come. Imagine paying $100 once and rest for the next 20 years because Masternodes are doing all the work for you. For people who don’t understand it right away; Masternode is a server on a decentralized network that keeps the full copy of blockchain in real time. But in order to enjoy the rewards of Masternode, one has to go through a lot of work. Setting up a Masternode requires technical knowledge and it is very difficult for non-technical people and even for technical people, it is a big challenge. This makes it really difficult for the new user to set up by themselves.

We at Quaestor worked to solve this issue. ClickIt system was launched by Quaestor to ease the process of setting up a Masternode. ClickIt, as suggested by the name, is one click to your own Masternode. Our developers have put in diligent work and developed a system that lets the user own an already set up Masternode, one click to simply deploy or create Masternode. Our customers will only be required to obtain the correct number of Masternode coins, download the coin wallet onto their computer and transfer the coins into their local wallet. Once this is completed, the customer logins to their Quaestor account and follows simple instructions to deploy their Masternode.

ClickIt has made the process easier for even an amateur. Any global crypto user can setup as many Masternodes as he desires. ClickIt service will be available whenever a new Masternode is desired.

For now, Clickit is available for currencies including Apollo Coin, Polis Coin, Light Pay Coin & Quaestor Coin. These are the most affordable Masternodes to own and they have a lot of potential to grow exponentially in upcoming years. However, our analysts are constantly searching for new potential cryptocurrency Masternodes to add in Clickit.